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About: Jeffreys Auto Body Inc is a(n) Auto Body in Syracuse, NY


Auto body collision repair servicing Syracuse, Liverpool, Dewitt, Baldwinsville, Bridgeport Cicero

Jeffrey's Auto Body is Central New York's premiere repair facility offering complete spectrum of services. Jeffrey's knowledgeable and attentive staff will ensure that your car is repaired to the highest standards set in the industry. Jeffrey's only uses highest quality materials and DuPont paint system to ensure your car will feel and look like new! Give us a call today or stop by for an estimate!Jeffrey's Auto Body was founded in 1983 to provide residents of central New York with top quality collision repair. Through the years, we have built a great reputation for honest service, guaranteed work and commitment to our clients.Jeffrey's Auto Body is independent body shop: we do not have any contracts with insurance companies - we work for you. That means we are your advocates when negotiating on repairs of your vehicle with insurance company.I want to thank you for doing a wonderful job bringing my car back to like-new condition. The car looks great. I appreciate all the time you had to spend negotiating with my insurance also.As you know I received a message from the claims adjuster, Amanda, advising me to switch body shops because the appraiser told her “Jeffrey’s is difficult to work with in settling a claim”. I called Amanda back and informed her that was one of the reasons I wanted the work done there. My eight month old car with only 4,468 miles on it and I wanted it to still look like a “new car” after the repairs. Thanks again for a great job.In my phone conversation with Reed from the insurance co. he notified me of a law allowing insurance co.’s to inform policy holders of body shops that will repair their vehicles for the insurance co.’s appraisals. At that time he gave me the names of three shops willing to repair my vehicle at their estimated cost. I made it quite clear the choice of shops was “Jeffrey’s Auto Body” because of their impeccable reputation and the fact that Jeffrey’s has been in business for a very long time. After Reed heard that he said, “Well it is ultimately your choice”. He then reported to me Jeffrey’s negative reputation. I can’t understand how Reed could have heard of any reputation of Jeffrey’s considering he is in Atlanta, Georgia! I cannot help but to think that this unprofessional behavior is the manner taken by the insurance co.’s to not pay what is due.This is to document some of the issues that arose during the initial review process following our collision with a deer. We had two shops prepare estimates including Jeffrey’s. Both shops took a close look and detailed what had to be repaired, these professionals took between 30 and 45 minutes to be sure they covered all the damage. The next day an appraiser with the insurance co. came and reviewed the damage to our car, in less than 5 minutes! We told her we were going to Jeffrey’s, her response was quick, “don’t bother going there, their rates are too high, your insurance co. will not cover them” and other comments to sway us. Jeffrey’s has done work for us in the past, as well as other members in our family, we have been extremely satisfied with their workmanship and the manner in which they conducted the overall business of repairing our vehicles and their interface with the insurance co. If we had not had these prior experiences with Jeffery’s, we might have taken our car elsewhere. This leads us to wonder, if she has made this type of comments to other potential customers of Jeffrey’s and how many of them went elsewhere for their repairs.Last Month I had the misfortune of having my first automobile accident. When I called my insurance co to report the accident I was told that I could bring it to one of their preferred shops for repair. When I asked how that would benefit me, I was told that my repair would be guaranteed for as long as I owned the car and that my car would be scheduled in immediately and a rental vehicle would be arranged for me. I was told that if I brought my car to one of their shops that everything would be done for me. I told them that I would think about it.When the appraiser came to look at my car to inspect the damage I was once again told that I could bring my car to one of their shops because then the repairs would be guaranteed. Again I told him I would think about it.When I decided to have my repairs done I did not bring my car to one of their shop I have heard the advertisements about “steering” done by insurance co.’s and inferior repair work and I know that it is against the law. Because these shops are working with the insurance co.’s that are concerned with keeping the insurance co. satisfied, not the vehicle owner, who is the customer.In December I had an appointment with the insurance adjuster, I had the unfortunate luck of hitting a deer at 55 mph with my Cadillac Deville.During my appointment I told the adjuster that I was going to have my repair work done at Jeffrey’s Auto Body on Taft road in North Syracuse because I had used that particular body shop in the past and had found their finished product to be of superior quality. I told him my car was in “like new” condition and had no rust or other physical or mechanical problems and that I wanted it to be repaired to its previous condition. The adjuster then began to tell me about their program. He told me that there were repair shops that had contracts with them to repair vehicles to the specifications that the adjuster wrote and that I would only be liable for my $ 50.00 deductible. He then told me of 3 repair shops and explained their labor rates per hour and then stated Jeffrey’s higher labor rate and the fact the job was a big one and that would be a lot of money I would have to come up with. I asked the adjuster If he could tell me which of these shops could give me a comparable quality finished product as to what I would get at Jeffrey’s. He then said that Jeffrey’s does do a “nice job” but did not give me a name of someone as I asked.The adjuster and I discussed aftermarket parts and I told him I did not want that, I wanted what was on the car that had been damaged. He assured me that there would be no aftermarket parts ordered because none came up on his computer as being available.When I left with the print out of the estimate, I took it directly to Jeffrey’s Auto Body. At Jeffrey’s I saw their labor rate on a sign on the wall it was not the amount the adjuster had quoted to me, it was lower. I feel the adjuster was trying to influence me to go to their contracted shop. He incorrectly quoted me a higher rate than what Jeffrey’s charges and led me to believe I would have a lot of out of pocket expenses on my part that I should not go there. He also lied to me about the aftermarket parts because there were some listed on his estimate. I drive a very expensive luxury car and wanted it repaired to the condition it was prior to the deer mishap. I thought this is why I pay such high premiums.

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