Williams Sales Inc



221 Shady Grove Dr
Nashville, TN 42262
+1 (61-5) 885 - 2310
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About: Williams Sales Inc is a(n) Magicians in Nashville, TN


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The Pentagon announced Thursday a major schedule change to Trump's planned parade amid reports that the event's cost estimate had ballooned. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was reportedly upset with Republicans Thursday after a lackluster showing at a vote the night before. The comedian drew a portrait of the Queen of Soul on Thursday to pay his respects after her passing, but it divided Twitter users. Omar Abdulsatter Ameen, 45, was arrested Wednesday in California. This how some European drivers have been taught to open the door for years. The iconic First Lady reportedly believed the Dallas murder was part of a larger conspiracy theory. A ranking of the 50 highest grossing restaurants in America revealed several interesting facts, including whether celebrity chefs have an impact on sales. The president attempted to pay his respects to the late legend but messed up the tribute by suggesting the Queen of Soul once worked for him. Pauley Perrette's departure from TV series 'NCIS' seemed straightforward at first, but the actress recently revealed a much darker and disturbing reason. Although many Hollywood couples called it quits this year, dozens of other stars reportedly embarked on a new relationship. While traveling in Barcelona, a couple was arrested for allegedly buying drugs, but as they were about to be booked -- something truly shocking happened. They're one of the most reclusive groups in the United States, and once outsiders find out some of their secrets it's easy to see why they want to keep it that way. The newborn photo shoot may start off adorable, but it takes a shocking twist. The 'Hands To Myself' singer took to Instagram this week to share some new photos of herself enjoying summer. While deciding the punishment for a woman's horrific case of animal cruelty, one judge decided that maybe she needed a taste of her own medicine. For many musicians, having a song chart on the American Top 40 is a dream. But for some artists, this is a goal they've only achieved once in their lives. Another familiar retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Thursday and announced it would be closing all of its remaining 101 mall locations. Pablo Ráez was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, but it came back -- and just before he lost his battle, he shared a post that left people inspired but heartbroken. What does the front desk staff really know about you? And how do you book those ultra-cheap rates? Here are the secrets you must know about hotels. A body believed to belong to Shanann Watts, a pregnant woman who vanished this week, was recovered as the search continues for her two young daughters. Forget the tangled cords and give your headphones a sweet upgrade. Check out this montage of hilarious church signs -- and remember most of them are just about the laughs! Whether it’s getting stuck in a vase or being chased by a bear, these cats ended up in a very funny predicament. Fans were quick to note the remarkable coincidence upon news of her death. Designing and building structures can be difficult -- but mistakes like the ones highlighted in this article seem like they're quite preventable. On the surface, the 1981 royal nuptials seemed like quite the fairytale romance. Twitter was in an uproar on Thursday following the network's flub. Martin Scorsese's 1990 American crime film has earned quite a reputation. Data on musical popularity and artist legacy helped to identify the most famous bands from every state, including Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Jackson 5. Manigault Newman's friend, journalist Jawn Murry, claims the Apprentice alum has a trove of tapes -- and experts are stumped as to how she pulled it off. The show only ran for 2 years, but it lived on for loyal fans through syndication. It's funny when weird predicaments happen at the expense of cute puppies! The former 'Fixer Upper' star is facing backlash on Instagram this week for a photo that he posted of a car seat. Just because you're on TV, doesn't mean you actually know what you're talking about. Here are the most delusional news anchors and TV show hosts ever. They're the sole survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A woman in France who went to a hospital complaining of sharp shock-like sensations in her legs was found to have something lurking in her spine. Hidden amongst these adorable little creatures is one unsuspecting potato -- and locating it is a seriously difficult feat. The magazine has millions of subscribers -- but there are several photos that have shocked and angered loyal Sports Illustrated fans over the years. The genetics sure are strong in the British royal family -- and these shots prove it. Movie posters began as advertisements, but they've become an art form in their own right -- and some posters have even become more famous than the movie. According to a new study, some of the most well-known cleaning hacks are actually recipes to leave you with a bigger mess than you started with. This baby was outside when she heard some music and started to dance -- and it's clear she'll grow up to be a star! You may wonder why such a fast-growing industry with strong consumer demand would have trouble generating profits -- that boils down to two factors. You can drastically reduce back pain by performing these exercises based on pilates and yoga -- and the best part is little to no equipment is needed. The pop icon is celebrating a milestone today, but as usual, there's some backlash against her. From personal dwellings and museums to places of worship, there are some truly incredible architectural feats out there for you to see. Most lawmakers other government officials are paid an annual salary of $174,000 -- not enough to account for net worth figures many Congress members. The Vatican released its first remarks on Thursday after a grand jury report found that 301 priests sexually abused kids in Pennsylvania over the past 70 years. Mom Alaina Marie reportedly made the dish with cannabutter for her husband. The market determines what stays and what goes -- and businesses that can’t keep up with changing consumer tastes are destined to get left behind. There's never a dull moment for the family -- and this venture proves it. Psoriasis is a very complicated disease -- and it can sometimes be equally as tricky to diagnose. There are acting performances that make us laugh and cry, and then there are those that make us laugh for the wrong reasons -- even when it's royalty. It's one of the most-anticipated trials of the year -- but some can't get over the former Trump campaign manager's sartorial decision for court. Ford almost turned down his role in 'Star Wars' due to the low pay he was initially offered -- but he ultimately decided to take the $10,000 payday. Lifestyle factors may play a large role in warding off health problems -- and many studies speak to these different benefits. The husband of a missing pregnant Colo. woman has been charged with first-degree murder in the disappearance of his wife and the couple's two daughters. For some investors, volatility is highly unnerving -- but for long-term investors, this recent volatility is the perfect opportunity to sit back and reflect. Despite the medical advancements for rheumatoid arthritis, these treatments come with a downside -- suppressed immune systems. The Apprentice alum has sold a secret tape of campaign official Lara Trump offering her a high-paying job right after she was fired from the White House. From its extreme climate to its politics and historic events, there's truly no place on Earth like Russia -- and these facts about the country will surprise you. If you're still relatively young and have many working years ahead of you, it pays to learn from others' mistakes to avoid falling victim to them yourself. People claim to see a small, ghost-like figure strolling on the street in this surveillance footage -- and it may give you goosebumps. Explorers inside an ancient burial cave recently uncovered evidence of an advanced civilization that still can't be explained. Tom Gardner, CEO of the Motley Fool, believes he has found the perfect 'mini-Berkshire,' and he’s so confident that he’s recommended it three times. The founder of the pro-police organization rebuffed an NFL team's request due to players who 'feel entitled to disrespect our first responders.' All index data provided on a 15 minute delay.Friday August 17th Witness the power of doing good, amplified. Join Selena Gomez and more, tonight on ABC at 8/7c. Learn more >See Full Horoscope >See Full Horoscope >See Full Horoscope >See Full Horoscope >See Full Horoscope >See Full Horoscope >See Full Horoscope >See Full Horoscope >See Full Horoscope >See Full Horoscope >See Full Horoscope >See Full Horoscope >See All HoroscopesSee reviews Strong. Sexy. Sophisticated. Perfect fit denim designed by Serena Williams. 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