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About: Optimal365 is a(n) Diet Foods in Bellevue, WA


Optimal365 is a holistic weight loss and nutritional health clinic with medically supervised programs developed to address the fact that diets dont work. We LOVE FOOD and reject the concept that starvation is the road to weight loss; on the contrary, food is the fuel that makes our bodies healthy and the human body must be properly nourished to lose weight effectively.

Our FDA registered formula balances body chemistry to stimulate the release of excess fat, resulting in very fast weight loss. At the same time, clients consume a nutrient dense diet of foods purchased at any local market, including meats, vegetables and fruits. Optimal365 protocol includes all natural supplements that detoxify the body and promote the absorption of nutrients.

Remember, DIETS DON"T WORK, so if you want to lose weight and keep it off, feel great and not starve yourself in the process, get off the diet roller coaster and get on Optimal365. Call for a free health assessment today.

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